Russian films at the BFI London Film Festival


10-21 October 2012


We are pleased to announce that five Russian films have been selected to be screened at the 56th BFI London Film Festival, joining a host of other films from over 60 countries that make up this unique series of events.


The films that have been selected are:


In the Fog (V Tumane)

Sergey Loznitsa’s Second World War story of a man accused of Nazi collaboration has received praise for its emotionally charged narrative and intense moral debate.


I’m going to change my name (Alaverdy)

This film from director and screenwriter Maria Saakyan is structured according to the traditional Armenian nine-part 'Sharakan' song, following 14-year-old Evridika on her journey of adolescence and discovery.


Living (Zhit)

Vasili Sigarev presents a film in three parts – distinct stories of life and death are interwoven to produce a powerful and realistic portrayal of local life in the director’s home province of Yekaterinburg.


Short Stories (Rasskazi)

In his second full-length film, Mikhail Segal invites the viewer to enter an absurd and satirical collection of short stories which present a fresh take on the reality of contemporary Russian life.


Tomorrow (Zavtra)

This highly topical film from director Andrey Gryazev follows the activities of controversial arts collective ‘Voina’, blurring the line between documentary and staged film to create a vivid depiction of modern political protest.


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