Oleg Kulik’s new exhibition: ‘Frames’


‘Frames’ is the latest exhibition from Oleg Kulik, one of Russia’s most internationally celebrated and controversial contemporary artists – now open at Moscow’s Regina Gallery.


Oleg Kulik about his exhibiiton: ‘This is an exhibition about the hole. I am the most hollow person in the world...The frame confronts art, separating it from the world. But it needs to connect with the world. The boundary of the internal and external demands attention.’


Oleg Kulik turns art on its head – what if Malevich’s famous ‘Black Square’ is actually just a white frame?  


Kulik explores the idea of "frames" of art on several levels, beginning with a reflection on parties in the art world and ending with a treatise on recent political and religious scandals. 


The exhibition will be open until June 16. 



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Read the full interview with Kulik (in Russian)





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