RED ROCKS - Hit Music Festival in RUSSIA.PARK this Summer


28 July, 11 August 2012

Kensington Gardens, London, W8 4PX



On the 28th of July – the next day after the London Olympics opening ceremony – Mumiy Troll, Garik Sukachev and Vopli Vidopliassova will appear on stage. Mumiy Troll – the legendary band from Vladivostok – performs in the rock’a’pops style, according to its leader Ilya Lagutenko. For a while now London has been the musicians’ second home since majority of their albums were recorded here. On the 28th of July the guests of the festival will be presented with an opportunity to hear a few tracks from their first English-language album Vladivostok, which came out in April this year. Garik Sukachev, a major representative of Russian rock, will appear on stage together with musicians from ‘Untouchables’ band and will perform his best songs. The Ukrainian live act Vopli Vidopliassova are best remembered not only for their music on the border of folk and punk-rock, but also for their energetic live performances.


On the 11th of August, prior to the Olympics 2012 closing ceremony, bands such as Okean Elzy, B-2 and Machete will perform. The Lvov based band Okean Elzy have topped the music charts not only of Ukraine but of the whole of Russia with such songs as ‘That Day’, ‘There, where we are not’, ‘I want it this way’. Their live shows are always high-energy. Another participant of the concert, B-2, are just as emotionally intense. The band’s lead singers Leva and Shura are promising to demonstrate what Russian rock is really all about.  Machete is a very fresh project of a musician Jaroslav Maly that already managed to win over many fans and collect millions of video viewings on the Internet.


RED ROCKS FESTIVAL is supported by Sberbank – Russia’s largest bank. 


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