The Joseph Brodsky/Stephen Spender Prize 2012


For the translation of Russian poetry into English

Judged by Sasha Dugdale, Catriona Kelly and Glyn Maxwell


First Boris Dralyuk and Irina Mashinski for 'Field Hospital' by Arseny Tarkovsky 

Second Iryna Shuvalova for 'The Prayer of the Touch' by Sergei Chegra 

Third Alexandra Berlina for 'You can't tell a gnat' by Joseph Brodsky 





Huw Davies for 'Camellia' by Igor Irteniev

Boris Dralyuk for 'All that Happened to Me' by Irina Mashinski

Mark Hanin for 'I Washed before Bed in the Yard' by Osip Mandelstam

Katherine Young for 'This is life: the summer house' by Inna Kabysh


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