The Kandinsky Prize Award Ceremony


12 December 2012




The prize is awarded in the following nominations:

• Project of the Year - € 40,000

• Young Artist of the Year (under 35) - € 10,000




The receipt of applications from the participants based on the principle of self-nomination. The winners are determined by an international jury, with the participation of the council of experts. Over the past five years the winners in the main nomination were: Anatoly Osmolovsky, Alexey Beliayev-Guintovt, Vadim Zakharov, Alexander Brodsky and Yriy Albert.



Project of the Year:


AES+F - “Allegoria Sacra” 

Grisha Bruskin - “H-Hour”

Aladdin Garunov - “Total Prayer.”



Young Artist of the Year:


Dimitri Venkov - “Mad Mimes”

ZIP group - Utopia Factory

Maria Safronova - Routine project


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