The Rossica Prize Rules


1   The Rossica Prize is intended to recognise and stimulate literary translation. Primary criteria for eligibility are that a work should be a translation of a Russian literary work into English and that the translation should be published within the time frame established by the Judges.


2   The Judges will take a broad view in respect of genre; thus, single-author volumes of prose, poetry or drama, or any kind of book-length text, including multi-author anthologies and collections of short stories, will prima facie be considered eligible. New translations of works that have previously been translated into English will be eligible, but reprints of existing translations will not. Final responsibility for decisions concerning eligibility will rest with the Judges, acting as a group.


3   There will be no limitation on place of publication, in respect of the Russian text or the submitted translation.


4   Works must be submitted to Academia Rossica by the publisher. Both Russian and English texts must be submitted in order for a text to be considered eligible. At the deadline the Judges may call attention to works which may have been overlooked and not submitted by the deadline, and ask for them to be submitted by the publisher to Academia Rossica.


5   The Judges will draw up a short list of 5 or 6 works, from which one single winner will be declared. Details of the winning work and of all shortlisted works will be published in the Academia Rossica journal. A list of works accepted as eligible by the Judges will be published on the Academia Rossica website.


6   No more than one work by any individual translator will be shortlisted. The Prize may be awarded to an individual translator among a number contributing to a multi-translator or multi-author work.


7  The value of the Prize is £5,000, to be split between the translator and the publisher at the Judges' discretion.


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