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Olga Slavnikova



Olga Slavnikova graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Ekaterinburg State University in 1981 and began publishing fiction in the late 1980s during which time she was also fiction editor, then managing editor, of the literary magazine Ural. Slavnikova has lived and worked in Moscow since 2001.


From the 1990s onwards Slavnikova has produced many acclaimed novels including Dragonfly the Size of a Dog, Alone in the Mirror and Immortal. She has received the Apollon Grigoriev Prize, the Polonsky Prize, the Bazhov Prize and, in 2007, for her novel 2017, the Russian Booker Prize.


Published in 2006, 2017 has been widely praised. Its anti-utopian set-up allows Slavnikova to dip into the near future in order to survey the century which has passed since 1917. A beguiling mix of romance and realism, 2017 is enriched with the folklore of the Urals, the drama of mountaineering expeditions and the gruesome practices of the gemstone industry.


Her latest novel Lighthearted was published in Russia in 2010.


Slavnikova also writes prolifically about contemporary literature and is coordinating the Debut Independent Literary Prize for young authors writing in Russian: each year the prize receives anything up to 50,000 entries.




Books /selected/



Легкая голова / Lighthearted (2010)


Любовь в седьмом вагоне / Love in Carriage Seven (2008)


Бессмертный / The Immortal (2007)


2017 (2006)




In Translation

in English


2017 (2010)




Prizes and awards /selected/


2009 - Shortlisted for the Big Book Prize 


2006 - The Russian Booker Prize 


2001 - Polonsky Prize 


2001 - Apollon Grigoriev Prize 





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