I Am a Chechen! by German Sadulaev

I am a Chechen! German Sadulaev. Harvill Secker A collection of novellas about what it is like to be a Chechen. German Sadulaev (born 1973) was born in the town of Shali to a Chechen father and a Russian mother and now lives in St Petersburg. There are two distinct directions in his work that could be figuratively termed as the “mountain theme” and the “city theme”. The first is far more interesting, in particular, his books I am a Chechen and The Raid on Shali. Sadulaev is second to none on this topic; there are very few who would dare to write about the Chechens on behalf of the Chechens themselves.


German Sadulaev was born in 1973, in the town of Shali, in the Chechen-Ingush ASSR, to a Chechen father and Terek Cossack mother. In 1989, aged sixteen, he left Chechnya to study law at Leningrad State University. Today he lives and works as a lawyer in St Petersburg. German Sadulaev’s first book, Radio FUCK, told the urban tales of thirty-somethings in St Petersburg. It made no mention of Chechnya.
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