PRESS RELEASE 5th SLOVO RUSSIAN LITERATURE FESTIVAL OPENS IN LONDON ON 8 MARCH 2014 From Pushkin to Pelevin, Dostoevsky to Shishkin, Tolstoy to Bykov - literature has always been Russia’s calling card. And writers have been its most important ambassadors! Their stories, their insights into human nature, their philosophical musings and debates continue to engage and inspire readers all over the world. And when speaking about the relationship between Britain and Russia, it is certainly the literary links that have been the strongest ties between the two countries. It is therefore no surprise then that the only festival of Russian literature outside Russia was established in London! This year, the SLOVO Russian Literature Festival is returning to London for the 5th time! Russia's most celebrated writers will be in attendance, presenting their new books, meeting with readers, debating with UK authors and specialists, and discussing new projects with publishers and translators. SLOVO – a chance for Russian writers to bring their work to the UK and an opportunity for UK audiences to meet with the key players in Russian intellectual life. This year's SLOVO will run from the 8-23 March, featuring 16 Russian authors at 20 events over the course for 16 days at 6 prestigious and celebrated venues around London. IN SEARCH OF LOST REALITY  In Search of Lost Reality. The theme of this year's Festival is open to interpretation; our writers will talk not only about their works but about how they capture today's rapidly changing reality and the transience of our experiences and emotions. The Festival opens on 8 March with a talk by Mikhail Shishkin – Of Living Noses and Dead Souls. One of the most celebrated contemporary Russian writers will reflect on the great and eternal themes which are still relevant in today's Russia. He will be followed by “Night Snipers” rock musician Diana Arbenina, who will present Sprinter – a new collection of poems published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her performances. Famous and internationally award-winning writers, Zakhar Prilepin, Alexander Terekhov, Sergei Shargunov, and Olga Sedakova will be joining us for this year's SLOVO Festival which will also feature exclusive films based on the works Ilf and Petrov, Pelevin, and Bulgakov. ROSSICA TRANSLATION PRIZE March 20 sees the long-awaited announcement of the prestigious Rossica Prize. Established in 2005, it is the world's only prize for the translation of Russian literature into English. The prize is awarded by Academia Rossica with the support of the Russky Mir foundation. The Rossica Young Translators' Award – an annual competition for young translators – will also be announced. The Awards Ceremony will be preceded by a talk from Rossica Prize judge and translator, Oliver Ready – Cat and Mouse with Dostoevsky. The Translator as Detective. He will discuss the challenges of translation, especially in his recent work with Crime and Punishment and the ambiguous, flowing nature of the conversations between the Investigator, Porfiry Petrovich, and his suspect, Rodion Raskolnikov. TALES OF RUSSIAN LONDON Russian Londoners! Grab your pens! For the first time in SLOVO history, we will be holding a competition! Russian Londoners are invited to write on the theme of The Moment I Loved/Hated/Knew London. Organised by Academia Rossica and, the best stories will be published as a collection – Tales of Russian London. __________________________ The full programme of the SLOVO Festival can be found at: The SLOVO Festival will be in London between 8 and 23 March 2014 as part of the 2014 UK-Russia Year of Culture, with the support of the Russky Mir Foundation. Organiser: ACADEMIA ROSSICA is an independent arts organisation set up in London in 2000 to promote cultural and intellectual ties between Russia and Britain.We represent Russian artists, filmmakers, writers and publishers. Academia Rossica projects are supported by the Russian Embassy, the Russian Ministry of Culture and our corporate partners. SLOVO Festival Partners: Waterstones Piccadilly, The London Library, King's Russia Institute, MacDougall's Arts, Erarta Galleries, The May Fair Hotel, Media Partners: Russia Beyond the Headlines, Angliya, Kommersant UK, British Style, Russian Mind, Voice of Russia __________________________ CONTACTS For enquiries regarding press accreditation, interviews and photo requests, please contact Academia Rossica: Academia Rossica
 76 Brewer Street, Piccadilly Circus, London W1F 9TX

 Tel: +44 20 7287 2614, +44 20 7287 5712

RED ROCKS - Hit Music Festival in RUSSIA.PARK this Summer

28 July and 11 August 2012
Kensington Gardens, London, W8 4PX
On the 28th of July and the 11th of August prominent Russian musicians and pop and rock groups will perform as a part of RED ROCKS FESTIVAL and Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad at Russia.Sochi.Park – a fantastic venue to present Russia and Sochi 2014 Winter Games during the London-2012.

An Evening with Andris Liepa
The Liepa Family - International Ballet Legends

28 July 2012, 6.30pm
The Screening Room, MPC, 127 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0NL
Academia Rossica, in collaboration with Snob, is delighted to invite you to a very special evening with the legendary Liepa family. Ballet star Andris Liepa will host a retrospective of the life and career of his father, Maris Liepa, one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of the Bolshoi Ballet’s Golden Age.

Summer Stravinsky Festival With Valery Gergiev

11, 12, 13, 15, 17 May
Join the London Symphony Orchestra and Valery Gergiev for a festival of five concerts, spread across three London venues, celebrating the many faces of composer Igor Stravinsky. Includes everything from the iconic Firebird and Rite of Spring to the hidden curiosities of Stravinsky's jazz miniatures.

Фотографии с Фестиваля Российского Кино

Пятый Фестиваль Российского Кино завершился – предлагаем вашему вниманию фоторепортаж с ключевых событий фестиваля, включая церемонию открытия (специальные гости Виктор Гинзбург, Андрей Фомин и др.), мастерклассы Сергея Сельянова и Алексея Попогребского и многое другое.

Photos from the Russian Film Festival

The fifth Russian Film Festival has now come to an end - relive the highlights through these photos of the opening night, special guests, including Victor Ginzburg and Andrei Fomin, masterclasses with Sergei Selyanov and Alexei Popogrebsky and much more!


The 5th Russian Film Festival opens with the UK premiere of Generation P, the adaptation of Victor Pelevin’s cult novel! With Victor Pelevin in the running for the Nobel Prize for Literature today, there’s no better time to announce this exciting news about the UK premiere of this film!

Photos now up of the International Lounge!

See photos of guests including authors Sergei Kostin, Zakhar Prilepin and Tatiana Ustinova mixing with the major players in the US and UK book industry at this year's International Lounge at the Moscow International Book Fair.

The List by Dmitry Bykov

At Vnukovo, the scriptwriter Sergei Spiridov, who was flying to the Crimea for a children’s film festival with the picture The Little Miracle, was detained at the border. Spiridov said hello to the genial blonde border official, proffered his overseas passport to her (he could have gone on his internal one, but Sviridov liked to think he was showing work abroad) and prepared to wait. The procedure usually took no more than a minute.

Gagarin: Man and Myth by Lev Danilkin

Having once escaped from the Earth’s gravitational pull, on his return Gagarin naturally found himself back in its power and he felt it just like everyone else. But the unique status that in reality was his for only one and a half hours was miraculously prolonged: in the eyes of virtually the entire population of the planet he remained a body free of the influence of earthly gravity.

Leo Tolstoy: Flight from Paradise by Pavel Basinsky

‘We all put on a brave face with each other, and forget that without love we’re the most wretched of the wretched. But we grow used to acting this way and become spiteful and proud, and mistake sick chickens for fierce lions.’ Letter from Tolstoy to his friend Vladimir Chertkov DEPARTURE OR ESCAPE?

Photos of the Russian Pavilion at the LBF

See photographs of our 50 Russian writers, very special guests and the action packed programme across three days at the Russian Pavilion at the London Book Fair. Highlights include a personal video message from the cosmonauts aboard the International Space Station, the opening speech by Boris Akunin and a presentation by the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, Kirill I.

London Book Fair 2010

The BOOKS FROM RUSSIA stand was held at the London Book Fair for the third time by the Russian Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communication in collaboration with Academia Rossica. Building on the success of last year, publishers were offered even greater opportunities for creating and expanding business links with the fast growing Russian book market. This was of particular important this year as part of the lead up to the 2011 London Book Fair, where Russia will be the Guest of Honour. Despite being affected by the unexpected volcanic activity, as was the entire London Book Fair, we were very pleased to see that the BOOKS FROM RUSSIA stand was one of the liveliest at the fair.

Translators Day

ACADEMIA ROSSICA's aim is to bring writers, publishers and translators together and to help create structures to support the publication and distribution of Russian literature in the English speaking world. The Translators Day will be a key element of this project, which will set the ground for a stronger recognition and promotion of literary translation from Russian into English. 10.30 – 11.30 PEN Café, EC2 Rossica Translation Prize, Young Translators Prize award. A special Rossica Translation award to Stanley Mitchell 11.30 –12.00 BFR, Y455 Russkiy Mir Translation Grants Presentation 12.00 – 13.00 BFR, Y455 Roundtable: Translating Russia 13.30 –14.30 BFR, Y455 Presentation: Famous Englishmen, Known Only in Russia Presentation: Misreading English Literature – A few true stories from Soviet translations 15.00 – 15.30 BFR, Y455 New Millennium Prize Award. Winner - Mary Hobson, poet and translator. 16.00 – 16.30 PEN Café, EC2 Market Focus Handover Ceremony, Champagne Reception Interpreting for the Russian guests at the LBF and SLOVO festival For those interested in offering their professional translation skills during the London Book Fair, ACADEMIA ROSSICA will have a series of events and seminars where interpreters will be needed in order for Russian and UK guests to communicate with each other. This an excellent opportunity for professional translators to play an involved and encouraging role in the development of future publishing projects that will lead to the further promotion and distribution of Russian literature in the English speaking world. To register as an interpreter, please contact by 15th April.

4th Russian Film Festival

4th Russian Film Festival, 29 October – 7 November Dear Friends! The Russian Film Festival is getting ready to present London with this year's best premieres in Russian cinema. The Main Programme As always, the main festival programme showcases the best Russian films, award-winners at major international and Russian film festivals. These films include, 'Silent Souls' (Ovsyanki), directed by Alexei Fedorchenko and winner of three prizes at the Venice Film Festival, 'How I Ended This Summer' by Alexei Popogrebsky, awarded prizes for best actor and best cinematography at the Berlinale, 'One War' by Vera Glagoleva, Grand Prix winner at Sofia International Film Festival and Russia's nomination for the Oscars and Svetlana Proscurina's latest film 'The Truce', winner of the main prize at Kinotavr. As in previous years, guests include directors, producers and actors who come to London specially to present their films at the festival. Documentaries – 'Noughties Art' This year's documentary programme sums up the last decade with screenings of the ten best Russian documentary films, one for each year. The programme is presented by the great director and documentary maker, Vitaly Mansky, president of the ArtDocFest. Animation Alongside the main programme and documentaries, we have also put together a comprehensive and diverse programme of animation. As part of our festival 'Astral dogs Belka and Strelka' take a trip to outer space captained by director Inna Evlannikova, while Irina Evteeva, famous for her graceful and original style, brings 'Little Tragedies' to the screen. These films will capture the hearts of adults and childen alike. As well as an extensive programme of full length animation, we will be screening a special programme for our young audiences, presenting the best of award-winning Russian animated films of recent years Special Screenings This year's film festival also includes a retrospective of the great actor and director Sergei Bondarchuk's films and the works of Leo Tolstoy on film, as well as a retrospective of masters of Soviet and Russian animation. Venue For the fourth year in a row the Russian Film Festival will take place at the Apollo Piccadilly, one of London's best cinemas.

'A Room and a Half' in UK cinemas from 7 May

Yume Pictures and Academia Rossica are delighted to invite you to a special screening of the film 'A Room and a Half' at 8pm on 10 May at Cine Lumière, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DT, followed by Q&A with director Andrey Khrzhanovsky and actress Alisa Freyndlikh. It is a beautifully mesmerising film based on the life of the Russian poet Joseph Brodsky.

BOOKS FROM RUSSIA Catalogue available

The interesting and informative Books From Russia catalogue is now available to download from our website. With information about our programmes and guests for SLOVO Festival and London Book Fair, and about Russia becoming the Market Focus for the 2011 LBF, this is the perfect accompaniment to these events. Please contact us for any more information and we look forward to seeing you there.

Calling all interpreters!

Interpreting for the Russian guests at the LBF and SLOVO festival For those interested in offering their professional translation skills during the London Book Fair and the SLOVO festival, ACADEMIA ROSSICA will have a series of events and seminars where interpreters will be needed in order for Russian and UK guests to communicate with each other. This is an excellent opportunity for professional translators to play an involved and encouraging role in the development of future publishing projects that will lead to the further promotion and distribution of Russian literature in the English speaking world. To register as an interpreter, please contact by 15th April.

Russian Summer Ball

6 June
£110 / £165 (with dining)
This year, the 14th Russian Summer Ball will be held in London's historical and exclusive venue the Banqueting House, Whitehall Palace. With complimentary Ballroom drinks all night, breakfast canapés and ballroom dancing to The Coldstream Guards. Proceeds from the event will benefit The Romanov Fund for Russia.

Day 1

The first day ended with an evening with Dmitry Bykov and Bridget Kendall at Waterstone’s, Piccadilly. Bykov entertained the large audience with, along with everything else, a joke. It went like this: “At birth you get a label put on your arm, after death, it’s put on your foot. If someone gets the same number both times, they win a prize – a pressure cooker.”

Stalker at the BFI

10 February
BFI, Southbank
Tarkovsky's genre-defying evocation of a decayed post-industrial society was filmed in a disused and rotting power station, the setting for a forbidden landscape known as "the zone" where the Stalker leads a Writer and a Scientist on a quest for a hidden truth. Thirty years on from the film's original release, Professor Ian Christie will introduce this seminal film. Following the screening there will be a discussion with special guests including Evgeny Tsymbal, the film's assistant director. For a chance to win tickets to this exclusive event, let us know what this film means to you at our forum.
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