Charity Acoustic Concert

23 March, 7:30pm
Camden Park Studios, The Church Hall
Arbuzz Project and Russian Gymnasium №1 invite you to a charity acoustic concert, aimed to raise funds for the treatment of Yaroslav Strambovskiy - a beautiful 5-years-old boy with an illness no child should go through. All the money raised at the evening will be transferred to Yaroslav to support his treatment.

A Light Head by Olga Slavnikova

Maxim T. Yermakov, the happy owner of a three-year-old Toyota and brand manager for several appalling varieties of milk chocolate, drove up to his chocolate office with his customary feeling of having no head on his shoulders. Meanwhile, the head was smoking and it could see the wet car park with the inflatable snowman standing in the black January puddle. But even so – it wasn’t there.

The List by Dmitry Bykov

At Vnukovo, the scriptwriter Sergei Spiridov, who was flying to the Crimea for a children’s film festival with the picture The Little Miracle, was detained at the border. Spiridov said hello to the genial blonde border official, proffered his overseas passport to her (he could have gone on his internal one, but Sviridov liked to think he was showing work abroad) and prepared to wait. The procedure usually took no more than a minute.

Gagarin: Man and Myth by Lev Danilkin

Having once escaped from the Earth’s gravitational pull, on his return Gagarin naturally found himself back in its power and he felt it just like everyone else. But the unique status that in reality was his for only one and a half hours was miraculously prolonged: in the eyes of virtually the entire population of the planet he remained a body free of the influence of earthly gravity.
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