SLOVO Russian Literature Festival 2016

15 – 24 April 2016
London, Waterstones Piccadilly
SLOVO returns to London for the 7th year running. SLOVO is an open-minded, independent festival of contemporary Russian literature and thinking. The theme of this year’s festival is Memories of the Future – Воспоминания о будущем. We invite you to join our array of inspirational speakers to discuss Russia today and its future. See SLOVO programme >>

Support Russia in the Kaplan Cup!

17 May, 6 pm
West Ham United Stadium
In honour of the upcoming World Cup, Kaplan language school is holding its own football championships - the Kaplan Cup!


PRESS RELEASE 5th SLOVO RUSSIAN LITERATURE FESTIVAL OPENS IN LONDON ON 8 MARCH 2014 From Pushkin to Pelevin, Dostoevsky to Shishkin, Tolstoy to Bykov - literature has always been Russia’s calling card. And writers have been its most important ambassadors! Their stories, their insights into human nature, their philosophical musings and debates continue to engage and inspire readers all over the world. And when speaking about the relationship between Britain and Russia, it is certainly the literary links that have been the strongest ties between the two countries. It is therefore no surprise then that the only festival of Russian literature outside Russia was established in London! This year, the SLOVO Russian Literature Festival is returning to London for the 5th time! Russia's most celebrated writers will be in attendance, presenting their new books, meeting with readers, debating with UK authors and specialists, and discussing new projects with publishers and translators. SLOVO – a chance for Russian writers to bring their work to the UK and an opportunity for UK audiences to meet with the key players in Russian intellectual life. This year's SLOVO will run from the 8-23 March, featuring 16 Russian authors at 20 events over the course for 16 days at 6 prestigious and celebrated venues around London. IN SEARCH OF LOST REALITY  In Search of Lost Reality. The theme of this year's Festival is open to interpretation; our writers will talk not only about their works but about how they capture today's rapidly changing reality and the transience of our experiences and emotions. The Festival opens on 8 March with a talk by Mikhail Shishkin – Of Living Noses and Dead Souls. One of the most celebrated contemporary Russian writers will reflect on the great and eternal themes which are still relevant in today's Russia. He will be followed by “Night Snipers” rock musician Diana Arbenina, who will present Sprinter – a new collection of poems published to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her performances. Famous and internationally award-winning writers, Zakhar Prilepin, Alexander Terekhov, Sergei Shargunov, and Olga Sedakova will be joining us for this year's SLOVO Festival which will also feature exclusive films based on the works Ilf and Petrov, Pelevin, and Bulgakov. ROSSICA TRANSLATION PRIZE March 20 sees the long-awaited announcement of the prestigious Rossica Prize. Established in 2005, it is the world's only prize for the translation of Russian literature into English. The prize is awarded by Academia Rossica with the support of the Russky Mir foundation. The Rossica Young Translators' Award – an annual competition for young translators – will also be announced. The Awards Ceremony will be preceded by a talk from Rossica Prize judge and translator, Oliver Ready – Cat and Mouse with Dostoevsky. The Translator as Detective. He will discuss the challenges of translation, especially in his recent work with Crime and Punishment and the ambiguous, flowing nature of the conversations between the Investigator, Porfiry Petrovich, and his suspect, Rodion Raskolnikov. TALES OF RUSSIAN LONDON Russian Londoners! Grab your pens! For the first time in SLOVO history, we will be holding a competition! Russian Londoners are invited to write on the theme of The Moment I Loved/Hated/Knew London. Organised by Academia Rossica and, the best stories will be published as a collection – Tales of Russian London. __________________________ The full programme of the SLOVO Festival can be found at: The SLOVO Festival will be in London between 8 and 23 March 2014 as part of the 2014 UK-Russia Year of Culture, with the support of the Russky Mir Foundation. Organiser: ACADEMIA ROSSICA is an independent arts organisation set up in London in 2000 to promote cultural and intellectual ties between Russia and Britain.We represent Russian artists, filmmakers, writers and publishers. Academia Rossica projects are supported by the Russian Embassy, the Russian Ministry of Culture and our corporate partners. SLOVO Festival Partners: Waterstones Piccadilly, The London Library, King's Russia Institute, MacDougall's Arts, Erarta Galleries, The May Fair Hotel, Media Partners: Russia Beyond the Headlines, Angliya, Kommersant UK, British Style, Russian Mind, Voice of Russia __________________________ CONTACTS For enquiries regarding press accreditation, interviews and photo requests, please contact Academia Rossica: Academia Rossica
 76 Brewer Street, Piccadilly Circus, London W1F 9TX

 Tel: +44 20 7287 2614, +44 20 7287 5712


King’s College, Strand, London WC2R 2LS


Roman Liberov is a documentary filmmaker and animator. He trained at the BBC specializing in documentary filmmaking, where he then worked for six years. Ilfandpetrov forms part of a cycle of animated documentaries about Russian writers, including Yuri Olesha, Joseph Brodsky, Georgi Vladimov, and Sergei Dovlatov.

Mikhail Shishkin - Classics and politics in contemporary Russian literature

5, 11, 19 and 25 March 2014
Safra Lecture Theatre, Kings College, Strand, London WC2R 2LS
King’s Russia Institute and Academia Rossica invite you to a series of 4 public lectures by Mikhail Shishkin, one of the most acclaimed authors in the contemporary Russian literary world.

SLOVO 2014

Olga Sedakova, winner of the Dante Aligheiri Prize and the Alexander Solzhenitsyn Prize among others, will talk about her great teachers and friends, Sergei Averintsev, Venichka Erofeev, Mikhail Gasparov, Joseph Brodsky and others, intellectual pillars of the Soviet intelligentsia. She will of course also read some of her own inspiring and highly original poetry.

Verse and Music Give the Gift of Life

12 January 2014
Criterion Theatre, London
Chulpan Khamatova's charity performance, "The Hour When You Leap Into Souls As Into Arms", will take place at the Criterion Theatre at the heart of London, supporting children in the care of the Podari Zhizn and Gift of Life foundations.

The Prime Russian Magazine - now in London!

The magazine has been successfully published in Russia for four years. Starting from November 2013 it will be available from Waterstones Piccadilly in London and by subscription
19 November 2013, 6.30 pm
Waterstones, Piccadilly, London, UK

The Prime Russian Magazine

We are pleased to invite you to the presentation of The Prime Russian Magazine which will take place at 6.30 p.m. on November 19 at Waterstones, Piccadilly. The magazine has been successfully published in Russia for four years. Starting from November 2013 it will be available from Waterstones Piccadilly in London and by subscription. The presentation will host a panel discussion on Marx & Freedom. Marxism was the main subject of one of The PRM’s special issues. The list of panellists includes Maxim Semelyak, Lev Danilkin, Alexsandr Pantsov and Aleksey Tzvetkov. They will discuss Karl Marx, his legacy and the Marxist approach to the concept of Freedom using the example of Soviet and, more broadly, modern Russian Marxism. It should be noted that over the last few years Marxism has been the subject of growing interest in the country where it dominated, perhaps unsuccessfully, the political landscape for more than half a century. Is this renewed interest a case of mass masochism, a passing fashion or a vital need? Why is Marxism, seemingly rejected and forgotten by Russians in the 1990s, becoming popular in today’s Russia? Perhaps Aleksey Tzvetkov's article on Evald Ilyenkov, published in The PRM special issue on Marxism, can provide some answers. The author dwells on the nature of Soviet Marxism by telling the personal story of a Marxist philosopher. Maxim Semelyak Maxim Semelyak is a journalist and The PRM’s Editor-in-Chief. After graduating from Moscow State University with a degree in Philosophy he has worked with a number of Russian print publications, including Afisha, Vedomosti, Playboy Russia and Vremya Novostey (News Time). At the turn of the century he was one of the leading music critics in Russia. He wrote the history of the Russian ska punk band — «Leningrad» — and launched The Forbes Kazakhstan magazine. Lev Danilkin Lev Danilkin is a journalist and The PRM’s Deputy Editor-in-Chief. He is one of the best Russian literary critics and the author of two biographies: «Man with an Egg» (about Alexander Prokhanov — a Russian journalist and writer) and «Yuri Gagarin». He translated Julian Barnes’ «Letters from London» into Russian. Lev Danilkin graduated from Moscow State University with a degree in Philology. He has written literary reviews for Vedomosti and Afisha. Aleksey Tzvetkov Aleksey Tzvetkov is a Marxist philosopher, a public figure, one of the founders of Falanster Bookshop, and a winner of the Nonconformism Award. He is the author of several books: «Urban Guerrilla’s Diary» (Дневник городского партизана), «Destroy After Reading» (После прочтения уничтожить) and «Pop Marxism» (Поп-марксизм). Alexsandr Pantsov Russian-American sinologist, historian, writer and translator. A doctor of historical sciences and professor at Capital University, Ohio. He is the author of more than one hundred academic papers and his works include the world's most comprehensive biographies of Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaopong, both of which were based on his own original research and subsequently published in the series “Lives of Remarkable People”. In the edition of Prime Russian Magazine dedicated to Marxism, he wrote an essay on the genesis of different forms of Marxism implemented in modern China within the context of supermarkets. The Prime Russian Magazine The magazine highlights ideas that have the potential to influence the future of mankind. It addresses a broad range of topics, touching on philosophy, sociology, the history of culture, religion, psychology and geography. Normally, each issue covers one major topic: progress, education, war, America, laughter, miracle, memory, the post-human, the child and reading to name just a few. The list of authors includes writers, scientists, philosophers, poets and translators. Emphasis is placed on expert opinion rather than journalism as such; and the editors would rather choose a passage from a book than a critical review. Over the years the magazine has published the works of Julian Barnes, Ian McEwen, Sergey Kapitza, Slavoj Žižek, Jacques Attali, Franco Berardi, Hassim Taleb, Derek Walcott, Pyotr Shchedrovitsky, Robert Kaplan, Terry Eagleton, Vladimir Mikushevich, Georgy Mirsky, Olga Sedakova, Paul Bogard, Maxim Kantor, Douglas Copeland, Dominic Lieven, Yuri Mamleev, Alexander Ilichevsky, Boris Kupriyanov, Harm de Blij, and many more. RSVP is essential. Please reply to For more information please contact Academia Rossica on press@academia-rossica.orgor call us on 0207 287 2614, 0207 287 5712

Shame / Стыд

Saturday, 9 November, 8 pm
Tuesday, 12 November, 6 pm
Dir. Yusup Razykov
A half-crumbling military base, soon to be shut down, is home to a community of women whose husbands are serving as crewmen on a submarine. The wives patiently wait out the long days, hoping that their men will come back safely from yet another mission...

SEE USSR – Russian propaganda posters exhibition

7 June – 1 September
GRAD: Gallery for Russian Arts and Design
3-4a Little Portland Street, London W1W 7JB
See USSR deals with the flipside of Russian propaganda, showing a very different side to the country than we have accepted.

Houghton Revisited: Masterpieces from the Hermitage

17 May – 29 September
Houghton Hall, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE31 6UE
One of the most eagerly anticipated events this summer for the UK art world will be the return of around 60 masterpieces from the Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg to their former home, Houghton Hall in Norfolk.

Valery Katsuba Photography Exhibition

8 March – 20 June
ArtMost Foundation, 20 Charles St, London W1J 5DT
ArtMost Gallery announces its new exhibition "Velocius, altius, fortus" presenting work by contemporary Russian photographer Valery Katsuba.

Rossica Prize

The judges of the Rossica Translation Prize for 2014 faced an embarrassment of riches. The long-list was exceptionally strong this year, and included many new and gifted translators who will be shaping the reception of Russian literature in English for years to come. No less promisingly, it also included a large number of important works translated into English for the first time. All the long-listed translators and publishers are to be congratulated on what can truthfully be called an urozhainyi god, or ‘year of plenty’.

SLOVO Programme Announced!

5-26 March
MacDougall's Arts
Mari Vanna
The full programme has now been announced!

Vladimir Sharov

A historian of medieval Russia by training, Vladimir Sharov began writing fiction in the late 1970s. Nevertheless, it was not until the 1990s that Sharov's highly unusual historical-philosophical novels came to the attention of the public, becoming a literary sensation due to Sharov’s controversial use of fiction to explore the mythological and religious substrata of Russian history and thought.

Orlando Figes - Love in a very cold climate

3 December, Monday, 7 pm
Kenneth Clark Lecture Theatre, Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 1LA

London Russian Art Week

22-28 November
The London Russian Film Festival may be over, but another exciting series of events is about to begin. Russian Art Week starts on 22 November and will feature an exciting range of events, exhibitions and auctions >>>

London Russian Art Week

22-28 November
The London Russian Film Festival may be over, but another exciting series of events is about to begin. Russian Art Week starts on 22 November and will feature an exciting range of events, exhibitions and auctions >>>


Marina Razbezhkina is one of the most instrumental figures involved in raising a new generation of documentary filmmakers in Russia today >>>


Elena Romanova is Head of the International Department at the Russian Cinema Fund >>>


Film director, Curator of Documentary Programme
Vitaly Mansky is known as Russia’s master of documentary films >>>

Chekhov's Uncle Vanya

Monday, 5 November 2012, 19:00
Noel Coward Theatre, 85-87 St. Martin's Lane, WC2N 4AU London
Chekhov as you have never seen it before and winner of Best Production in Russia in 2011 Chekhov as you have never seen it before and winner of Best Production in Russia in 2011.

Last chance to visit Russia.Sochi.Park
Where Russia greets the world!

26 July - 12 August 2012
Kensington Gardens, London, W8 4PX
RUSSIA.PARK enjoys its final weekend of bringing together the best in Russian culture, cuisine and sport to London for the 2012 Olympic Games! Visit to find out more about this incredible event.

RED ROCKS - Hit Music Festival in RUSSIA.PARK this Summer

28 July and 11 August 2012
Kensington Gardens, London, W8 4PX
On the 28th of July and the 11th of August prominent Russian musicians and pop and rock groups will perform as a part of RED ROCKS FESTIVAL and Sochi 2014 Cultural Olympiad at Russia.Sochi.Park – a fantastic venue to present Russia and Sochi 2014 Winter Games during the London-2012.

An Evening with Andris Liepa
The Liepa Family - International Ballet Legends

28 July 2012, 6.30pm
The Screening Room, MPC, 127 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0NL
Academia Rossica, in collaboration with Snob, is delighted to invite you to a very special evening with the legendary Liepa family. Ballet star Andris Liepa will host a retrospective of the life and career of his father, Maris Liepa, one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of the Bolshoi Ballet’s Golden Age.

Catherine the Great: An Enlightened Empress

13 July – 21 October 2012
The National Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh EH1 1JF
Featuring the greatest collection of treasures from Imperial Russia ever displayed in the UK, this exhibition, organised in partnership with the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, celebrates the 250th anniversary of Catherine the Great’s ascension to the Russian throne.

The Russian Art Show: Highlights from the Innovation Prize

25 July – 16 September 2012
22 Calvert Avenue, London, E2 7JP
Calvert 22 presents highlights from the Innovation Prize, the official state award for contemporary visual arts in Russia. Best described as the Turner prize of Russian art, this is the first time art from the Innovation Prize has been shown outside of Russia.
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